The most outstanding milestones of SECAC are: Dean entity in the research of cetaceans of the Canary Islands. Its base is the Canary Islands Cetacean Research Center (CICC). Creation and consolidation of the Canary Network of Cetacean Strandings. The development of longitudinal investigations of various cetaceans, having provided basic information on the bottlenose dolphin, the […]


The conservation of cetaceans and their habitat involves the management of human activities in the marine environment as well as decision-making by the competent administrations. This research group has a large experience in the field of conservation biology, a multidisciplinary discipline that combines research, conservation and management of biodiversity. SECAC’s investigations aim to know the […]

Our Vision

Cetaceans (order Artiodactyla) are 94 species of marine mammals, many of them are in a critical conservation state due to human action. Cetaceans play an important role in marine ecosystems and they are indicators of the health of the oceans. The Canary Archipelago is located in the Northeast Atlantic, on the African continental edge, in […]