Working with bones

Helena is a 22-year-old student attending the Complutense University of Veterinary Medicine in Madrid. A few months ago she has contacted us to volunteer.

Today, her last day of work, she wrote these words:

“When a friend asked me if I want to go more than 2,100 km from my house to work with cetaceans, my first reaction was : “But I don’t know nothing about whales”, then I systematically thought “why not?”

So, as a second-year veterinary student, I headed off to a small island with a backpack and a little more knowledge about these gentle giants (cetaceans encompass more than just “whales”).

What I did not expect was the wonderful people I was lucky enough to cross paths with, the incredible places that this land hides and  a new world that  SECAC opened to me.

I had the pleasure to work  preparing and cleaning dolphins skulls and seeing skulls larger than me. This was fascinated! Also the acces to all this  knowledge and  have experience with wild animals it was amazing!”

I would like to thank Francesca for her patience in teaching, Erick answering  my silly questions and for telling me so many things about parasites (another fascinating world), Barbara for helping me with office tasks and Vidal for having created this incredible organization and make it possible for people like me to enjoy this wonderful experience. Simply thanks. Helena”