Working with bones

Helena is a 22-year-old student attending the Complutense University of Veterinary Medicine in Madrid. A few months ago she has contacted us to volunteer. Today, her last day of work, she wrote these words: “When a friend asked me if I want to go more than 2,100 km from my house to work with cetaceans, […]

The story of the sperm whale 3418

The morning of February 3 appeared the body of a sperm whale floating on the Melenara littoral, on the east coast of Gran Canaria. It had a deep cut on the head and others on the fluke. It was a juvenile male 9.1 m long. The morning of February 3 appeared the body of a […]

Julia’s testimony

The last week really was an unique experience for me! I am happy that I was part of such a great project, with people that made this time so wonderful and funny. Big thank you to Vidal and Francesca, for all the great moments we had together and for teaching us a lot about cetaceans! […]

Giulia’s testimony

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to give my little help in this great project, living a week in a sailing ship, in the middle of the ocean has been wonderful and has taught me a lot. Thanks to Vidal, his kindness and his wisdom and thanks to Francesca and her strength, you […]