7 days experience

At this moment there is no 7-days expeditions available.  Please check our 3-days expeditions for the 2023.    SCHEDULE OF ACTIVITIES The first day (Monday) will be dedicate to introduce the group and theoretical and practical training.  Each participant will be given a certificate. Sea outings will be carried out with a semi-rigid boat of […]

3 days experience

SCHEDULE OF ACTIVITIES 2023 PARTICIPATE IN THE CANARY ISLAND SPERM WHALE PROJECT Sea outings will be carried out with a sail boat of 15 meters long. Each participant will be able to gain first-hand experience and learn about cetaceans and research work with qualified researchers. Our Program! DAY 1: meet at the port of Puerto […]

1 day experience

TAKE PART IN SECAC’S SCIENTIFIC AND CITIZEN SCIENCE PROJECT IN THE CANARY ARCHIPELAGO Programme of educational and scientific campaigns: Information about the 2023 expeditions will be available soon.   Consult here the documento informativo  with all the details about our expeditions or click below to request any information.     CONTACT US

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Every donation is essential for our organisation. With your donation you are helping us to carry out long-term studies of cetacean populations and to conserve the cetaceans of the Canary Islands. Help us with a donation or adopt a cetacean of the Canary Islands like a Bryde’s whale, spermwhale, bottlenose dolphin, rough-toothed dolphin, etc.. ( […]