The first day (Monday) will be a reception on the boat. Sea outings will be from days two through six and include theoretical and practical training. The seventh day (Sunday) will be a free day so that participants can get to know the island of Lanzarote, pick up their luggage, clean up and say goodbye. Each participant will be given a project sponsor certificate. The programme schedule may change due to weather conditions. 



Our Program!


Meet at the port of Puerto Calero at 15 o’ clock. Introduce the group and SECAC. Deliver informational material and course programme. Discuss coordination and coexistence at sea, as well as basic safety standards at sea.
DAY 2-6

Activities last from 9 to 21 o’ clock. Research outings on the sea. Theoretical and practical training will be offered (lectures, discussions, laboratory, organization and data entry).

A certificate of participation and a certificate of adoption of one of the photo-identified sperm whales will be given to each participant. Free day. The sailing boat will be available until 15:00h on that day.




Theoretical session:

• Introduction to cetaceans

• Cetaceans of the Canary Islands

• Science and conservation: an introduction to conservation biology and long-term studies of cetaceans

• Canary Islands Sperm whales project

• Sampling design and data collection at sea


Theoretical and practical session:

• Organization and data entry

• Transfer GPS data to an Excel spreadsheet, download and archive images. Photo-ID, development of a database etc.)

• Photo-ID (compilation of a Photo-ID catalogue, methodology in the analysis of photo-ID, etc.)

• Lab, stomach content analysis, skeletal research


Check here the inform document with all the details about our 7 day expeditions or click below to request any information.